Equate Covid-19 Notice

18 March 2020
Written by Equate Management
Written by Equate Management


Good Day,

As we are all aware of the worldwide Pandemic COVID-19 also known as the Coronavirus that has captured not only our
attention but also created a lot of uncertainty but most of all worry amongst us all.

We are most aware of the concern around Coronavirus and we as EQUATE share along with everyone’s growing
concern about its eventual impact.

We all know that these are unsettling times for everyone, locally, continentally and globally. As a company that operates
predominantly in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, we find ourselves as a company, and a responsible one at that,
having to join the world now after the Coronavirus has become a fully blown reality on our shores.
We are all, if not now but at some point, going to be affected by the Corona Virus either directly or indirectly through our
lines of work, family or friends.

In light of the new restrictions as set out by the Republic of South Africa’s President, we at EQUATE would like to not
“tough it out”.

Instead with these challenging times, we would like to play our little but vital role in making sure our staff, colleagues,
partners, clients, contractors and all our associates stay safe and healthy and adhere to all the preventative measures in
order to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.

As such business shall continue as usual but in the coming weeks, as we get direction and scope of the magnitude of the virus, we will be limiting all travel (locally and internationally), meetings and contact sessions with all our stakeholders unless absolutely necessary.

Our systems are geared up for meetings to be held virtually and you may enquire with any of our staff which system is
best suited to have any engagements be it singular or project meetings with the relevant project team members.
We believe it is our goal, and that of all project teams including clients, contractors, consultants etc. to keep and maintain momentum on projects to minimise the impact on the economy since we cannot avoid the negative impact this will have on our economy and society as a whole.

As industry members, we need to talk, draw strength from one another, learn to mitigate risks, maximize ingenuity and
organize solutions to get us to the other side with the least damage possible.

It is a testing challenge but together as industry members and as fellow human beings, we will control it, fight it and
overcome it!



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